Saturday, October 13, 2007


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It's an evil f@$%ing room.

John Cusack's portrayal of a man being driven mad by a twisted hotel room is nothing less than powerful in what is essentially a one man show with a small supporting cast. Something that too many horror films lack is good acting and not enough can be said about the life that is breathed into the characters of this tale. This film is based on a short story written by Stephen King about a haunted hotel room, but it's not haunted in the classical ghostly sense. The room itself poses very little physical threat. It tortures its victims, putting them through a highly personal version of hell and forcing them to take drastic measures to escape the insanity that the room inevitably brings. As a horror film this covers a wide array of creepy scaries and heebie jeebies. It's psychological,it's emotional, it's graphic, it's good. The special effects are very subtle and don't overwhelm the story allowing the audience to fully absorb the madness of 1408 (which equals thirteen and is on the thirteenth floor, oooh).

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4.5 skulls


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