Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh! The Horror! (2)

Day 3: October 3, 2007

The Covenant

"It's as though she was bitten by hundreds of INSECTS, like SPIDERS."
This movie is stoopid. For it to be categorized as horror is astounding to me. The story revolves around a group of families living in Ipswich, Massachusetts. These families are the living descendants of the survivors of the Salem Witch Trials. *yawn* Witches are no longer scary, especially when they are good guys. The story is just another attempt to capitalize on the success of telling stories about young rich kids, only here they have supernatural abilities. The acting was bad. The story was bad. The characters were bad. The special effects were surprising (There is a pretty sweet zombie thing that happens a couple of times, but is never around long enough to cause any harm. And who knew that when warlocks mature they do battle in Matix/ Dragon Ball Z style?) This movie gets 0.25 skulls based only on the occasional appearance of the darkling (zombie thing).


This movie is B class horror to the core. It has a little of everything: gore, mystery abductions by unknown parties, stereotypical characters, murder, rage, dismemberment, an idiot savant a la Rainman, and gigantic plot holes. I loved it because it was what it was, a B movie with B actors and a B story. This is what horror is supposed to be. The only thing that I would ask for from the sequel (which I have yet to see) is more gore. I give it 3.5 skulls.

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