Sunday, October 14, 2007

Creepshow 2

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This semi-animated collection of stories is done in a very Tales From the Crypt-like style, almost to the point of being unoriginal. If you ignore the copyright infringement aspects and focus on the film itself you should be prepared to giggle. Coming from Stephen King and George Romero during an era of absolute horror-cheese these stories are less than frightening and could easily be translated into Saturday Night Live sketches. The film consists of three different stories. The first tells the story of Chief Wood'n Head, an old school store-front wooden Indian, who takes out his vengeance on a vain young "redman" (played by a guy in a lot of makeup with a bad wig) after he destroys the store he stands before. The second tells the story of four young college students who decide to take one final swim before winter in The Raft. Lots of horror stereotypes here. The characters are smoking pot, listening to rock music, and driving irresponsibly. Oh yeah, and there are boobies! Boobies = death. The special effects in The Raft amount to little more than a floating black tarp covered in slime. In the third story we meet Mrs. Lansing, a rich housewife who loved her life and husband all while being unfaithful. Oh yeah, boobies! While she is trying to get home quickly from her gigolo's house she encounters a very haunting Hitchhiker. This story is full of very funny '80s era monster shop special effects that will make you jump, and then laugh. All things considered, if you want to watch something light and fun, but not too scary to usher in Halloween, this is not a bad option.

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