Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quicksilver Highway

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In keeping with the recent Stephen King trend here at BigBoyMovieReviews we bring you Quicksilver Highway, a made for TV pairing of two stories hosted and narrated by a man who should be given more creepy parts, Christopher Lloyd.

Chattery Teeth (by BigBoy favorite Stephen King) tells the story of a traveling salesman who has had a string bad "bad experiences" and is trying to drive home through a Nevada sandstorm to get home in time for his son's birthday. While at a truck stop he is approached by a man asking for a ride. Now, as was stated earlier, this semi-uptight salesman has had a string of "bad experiences" which have caused him to choose driving as opposed to flying and to have a preference not to pick up hitchhikers, but he chooses to give this guy a lift under the circumstances (Mr. King likes this hithchhiker theme, and goes with it often). This story is not entirely unpredictable, in fact it is downright predictable if you are even slightly familiar with Stephen King's short stories.

The second tale is based on Clive Barkers The Body olitic. In this tale we meet a very successful cosmetic surgeon who's hands rebel. As a surgeon this is a very bad thing. This movie entertains us with some very Evil Dead-like sequences where Dr. George (played by Matt Frewer, of Max Headroom fame) does battle with his own hands, only to end in bloody carnage. Not a real nail biter, but the special effects are pretty funny.

All in all this one isn't the most horrific DVD you can watch, but it is fun. Quicksilver Highway is a good option if you want something to watch while you do things around the house, as it doesn't require you to focus on anything too much for fear of missing important details.

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2+2 because there are no other genre listings but it is genuinely fun= 4

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